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Do you know about the driver hours and WTD rules?

If you want to learn more in detail about the HGV driver hours rules, contact Mister Tacho Ltd. 
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Steve had a successful business as a mortgage broker, but was seriously affected during the financial crash. Through hard work and perseverance, he managed to survive that period. But he realised that it was too risky to put all his metaphorical eggs into a basket which could, again, be dropped from a great height at any moment!

He heard about Mister Tacho looking for franchisees, and approached us with a view to phasing out his mortgage work, and building up a Mister Tacho Ltd franchise.

He joined the team in April 2016 and is currently enjoying the freedom which the job gives him, and the growth which will secure his future.

Steve operates out of Hatfield, and his protected territory is all of the SG postcode.

To contact Steve directly, phone 07939 531 337 or by email: steve.grant@mistertacho.co.uk
To get trained on the rules of HGV driver hours, get in touch with Mister Tacho Ltd in East London on 07939 531 337

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